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Powered by Microsoft technologies

Powered by Microsoft technologies

We are using the latest Microsoft tools like Visual Studio 2012 to keep up with modern trends in development of Windows Phone & Windows 8 mobile apps.

Creative design

Creative design

We are collaborating with excellent designers working with experience in creating awsome mobile application.

Optimized scripts

Optimized scripts

In our mobile apps we are using well-known standards & solutions like Teleric Controls which make our development process faster and easier to manage.

Cross-device optimization

Cross-device optimization

We have access to special lab and all popular Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices which give us opportunity to test our apps with real users before submitting to Microsoft Marketplace and Microsoft Windows 8 Store.

Agile mobile devlopment process

Agile mobile development process

We are using agile development process to iterate fast and adapt quickly to changing business environment.

Friendly support

Friendly support

We work close with our customers which helps use to understand better their needs.

Our portfolio

Examples of our Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone mobile applications

Our Core Dev Team

We are also working close with other developers, marketers and designers

Piotr Biegun
Piotr Biegun CEO Business Development PM

CEO with IT and business background who knows how to use innovation to push companies into new business opportunities

Karol Szmaj - mobile developer
Karol Szmaj CTO Windows Phone Windows 8

Mobile apps developer with strong IT background, one of the finalist in Nokia Developer Challenge 2012

Bartosz Zaremba - backend developer
Bartosz Zaremba Azure Web developer .NET

Backend developer with strong IT background, active Microsoft Student Partner

Jakub Borowicz - backend developer
Jakub Borowicz .NET Web developer MS SQL

Backend developer with strong IT background

Mateusz Pluciak - mobile developer
Mateusz Pluciak Windows Phone Windows 8

Mobile application developer with an excelent eye for design

Paweł Kwieciński - Android developer
Paweł Kwieciński Android iOS

Mobile application developer who loves open source

Magdalena Marciniak - Marketing Ninja
Magdalena Marciniak Marketing Ninja

Young and brave marketing manager, who wants to conquer the world

Michał Mielczarek - Photoshop Godfather
Michał Mielczarek Photoshop Godfather Design

Design guru, who knows how to make excellent mobile & web design

Wojciech Świerczyk - Windows developer
Wojciech Świerczyk Windows Phone Windows 8

Mobile application developer changing impossible in possible

Wojciech Świerczyk - Windows developer
Michał Twierkowski Windows Phone Windows 8

Mobile application developer, Microsoft Student Partner

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Company adress: Polna 13A/10, 60-535 Poznań
Office: Zwierzyniecka 3 Concordia Design Office 15, 60-813 Poznań
E-mail: hello [ at ] whallalabs.com
Phone: +48 607 127 551