5 Factors That Make An Event App Useful

Byline: Kate Gruszka, Key Account Manager at Meeting Application.

Many companies include event marketing in their communication strategies. Technology changes our lives but marketing specialists still believe in the power of face to face contact.

Conferences and other meetings may enable companies to build stronger bonds with their current and potential clients.

If your event is a success, you might have a chance to develop new business opportunities.



Gain Is In The Challenge

Are there any drawbacks of event planning and execution?

No matter how small is your meeting, it is probably going to be dynamic. That is natural and there is no sense in fighting it. Any changes or misunderstanding between you and your audience may trigger some sort of chaos.

Being an organizer you will probably have to face this challenge at some point in your career. My aim is to show you how an event app may support you in achieving your conference goals.

Here are 5 things you should take into account during your event planning.


1. Outdated paper infosheet

push notifications

You usually wait till last minute with printing paper materials for your attendees. Once you are sure it is the final version, you give a sign to your printery.

Can you really be sure there will be no future updates?

No matter how experienced you are, the unexpected may happen. In such case, you look for a quick and effective way to inform your audience.

If you have invested into an event app, you can simply log in to the admin panel and make changes. All data will be automatically updated on the user smartphones.

If the change is significant, you should also send push notifications redirecting to your dedicated news section.


2. Getting survey results is time-consuming

It is worth monitoring what is your audience opinion about each session and the event in general. A bit of constructive criticism or praise can help you grow.

The traditional way of completing and analyzing on-site surveys is tiresome. Is there a way to do this effortlessly?

You can prepare a set of questionnaires before or during the event and save them as drafts in your app admin panel. When it is the right time, you can publish your feedback forms. The audience can fill them in with a couple of clicks on their smartphone screen.

Results are automatic so such tool enables you to get instant opinion reports.

In addition to questionnaires, everybody can mark a given event on the agenda thanks to a built-in star rating system.


3. More than one source of information

Before the event date you try to get to your target audience in all possible places like social media, company website, local newspapers, event portals, newsletters and press releases.

If they decide to come to your event they may go back to all these spots in order to get more information. It is really hard to keep track of the changes and update your attendees timely in all these locations.

A reliable event app might be a useful solution.

You can equip your audience with this tool and introduce amends effortlessly. All up-to-date content is always in the user smartphone.


4. Boosting networking

networking application

There are plenty of events where the agenda and enclosed materials are of core value to your audience. However, there are also meetings that focus on networking sessions.

If business matching is important either to your sales team or your attendees, an event app might be of great help.

The built-in messaging and appointment scheduling system enables people to move swiftly from online to offline communication. It is much easier to find the right person in the app, send her a message or meeting request than approach her directly on the corridor.

The app and its features bring comfort to all parties and boost new business opportunities.


5. One tool – plenty of possibilities

While planning an event, you should think not only about your goals but also your audience needs.

It is best to provide them with a tool that helps them benefit fully from the time spent at a given conference.

Thanks to an event app, everybody can find all info in one place, track important updates and read the dedicated news. In addition, each participant may look for interesting people and communicate.

You and your attendees are able to focus on the right content and right person at the right time.


Author’s Bio:

Kate Gruszka started her career as an ELT Representative in the publishing industry. One of her key duties was the event management for educational institutions. She has often played a multifaceted role of a planner, trainer, and an organiser. Having 5 years of experience in this field, she decided to join Meeting Application. She is currently responsible for this start-up content strategy and shares her knowledge with clients as a Key Account Manager. Her passion for mobile event app solutions enables her to discover new event ideas and inspire other planners.