Maciej Urban


Maciej is an avid graphic designer (he’s a design freak, to be honest – for his girlfriend’s birthday he designed a logo and a website for her). If you have heard about Asian people dying in front of a computer in Internet cafes while playing games, well, Maciej may be the first person who designs so much, he may end up alike.

Maciej became a designer out of disappointment with poor kerning all around. He’s in deep love with every form of good design out there (especially with excellent typography). He is strongly influenced by Dieter Rams and believes in Rams’ principles of good design.

In his free time, he draws (at least tries), reads and designs all the time, because, as he claims, being a designer isn’t just a job. It’s the way of life. He also tries to code some websites, but he keeps it as a secret from our developers.